Our services


Ongoing and integrated servicing of wind farms.

Wind turbines are impressive machines. As a vital component in the creation of renewable energy, it is important that they are always operating at their full potential. That’s where our service and maintenance team comes in. We specialize in the servicing of wind turbines, ensuring that they function efficiently and without interruption. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch service to help keep your turbines operating at maximum capacity. When it comes to wind turbines, there is no room for error. Trust us to keep your turbines operating at peak performance.


Responsible and professional technical maintenance

Regular maintenance is an essential part of ensuring that wind turbines function at their best. It is not just about fixing things when they break down, but about spotting and fixing potential issues before they become problems. By implementing a schedule of regular servicing, you can minimize downtime, protect your investment, and maximize the output of your wind turbines. Whether it is assessing the integrity of the blades, inspecting the gearbox, or checking the electrical systems, a thorough service will keep your wind turbines in top condition. Trust our expert team to deliver the service and maintenance your turbines need.


Work involving the replacement of critical components.

In the world of renewable energy, the replacement of main components for wind turbines is one of the major operations necessary to keep these machines up and running. These components, such as generators, gearboxes, and blades, are crucial for the efficiency and longevity of the turbines. With advancements in technology, the replacement of these components has become more efficient and cost-effective, ultimately benefiting the power generation from wind farms. It is essential to maintain these machines regularly to ensure a reliable source of renewable energy for the future.


Advanced technical improvements

Our team has been entrusted by the client’s engineering teams to undertake crucial upgrades and modernizations of their wind turbines. In order to meet their goals of achieving more efficient and sustainable power generation, we will be utilizing the latest technology and innovative solutions that will ensure optimal performance of these turbines. We take pride in being part of those important projects and look forward to delivering excellent results for our clients.


We perform end-to-end inspection services

Ensuring the safety and reliability of wind turbines is crucial, especially since they’re a major source of renewable energy. End-to-end inspection of wind turbines is performed to identify any issues that could affect their performance or longevity. It’s important to make sure that the turbines are functioning optimally and that any damages are repaired promptly. The inspection process involves evaluating everything from the foundation to the blades, checking for wear and tear, corrosion, and other issues. This comprehensive approach ensures that wind turbines are operating at their full potential, contributing to the effort to reduce carbon emissions and create a more sustainable future.